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Need a fully bespoke Enterprise solution with the highest level of compliance and support?

Our Customer Success team will help you with setup and configuration to fit even the most complex use cases. Let's discuss your needs.

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Our Express solutions fit simpler use cases, but with a comprehensive developer environment including the tools, dashboards and documentation to get you going quickly.

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Signicat’s Sign Portal offers verified electronic signatures through one simple online interface – no download or integration required. Just log in and start signing.

Business benefits of electronic signing

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Verified electronic signatures

Know who you are dealing with by enabling signing with electronic identities (eIDs).

Integrated in your workflows

Build electronic signing into your workflows or customer self-service channels.

User experience

Provide your customers a convenient and safe way to sign contracts.

ID document verification

Identity verification can also include uploading an image of their ID document, NFC reading of a passport

Reduce administration

Eliminate manual follow-up, printing and scanning of contracts and agreements.

Faster signing process

Faster signing of documents and agreements

Proven identity: Not all electronic signatures are equal

Do you really know who signed the document? There are electronic signatures and then there are verified electronic signatures. Eliminate any room for doubt with electronic signatures that couple identity verification as part of the signing process. Identity verification solutions include:
Electronic ID verification

Document scanning verification

Self-portraits and live video interviews

Email and SMS One-Time Passwords


Enterprise ready

Our enterprise-ready signing offering can be built into most business applications. Execute agreements directly within your applications, such as credit management solutions, customer portals, document management systems, ERP and CRM systems, or even web chat interfaces.

Signing portal

Signicat’s Sign Portal offers verified electronic signatures through one simple online interface. The portal facilities signing of contracts, agreements and other important documents by leveraging eIDs, which allow you to be sure of who signed the document.

Additional Use Cases

Business workflow

We provide support for various business to business signing requirements, including multiple signers, sign forwarding, and look up who is allowed to sign on behalf of a given business.

Point-of-sale signing

Secure customer agreements at the point of sale, while maintaining security and identity validation.

Document consents

Ensure compliance during transactions by enabling your customers to provide consent conveniently. This includes accepting terms and conditions, agreeing to policy changes, and more.

Compliant and legally binding:

Our electronic solution ensures that the signatures you receive are legally binding, and compliant with a number of regulations, including:
timestamp-protocol (1)
Timestamp Protocol (RFC 3161)

eidas-regulation (1)
eIDAS Regulation

policy-requirements-for-time-stamping (1)
Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities (ETSI TS 102 023)

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pades-xades (1)

Additional layers of security

Ensure your documents stand test of time and are protected against fraud.


is a unique feature which gives you confidence in the timing of the electronically signed document, and a core element in Long-Term Validation (LTV). Signicat is a eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) for timestamping of documents.

Business certificates

A business certificate is proof that an organization is really behind the signatures and seals, and is added automatically to a document. A business certificate is issued by a certification authority (CA), which is responsible for validating the authenticity of the organization.

Preservation archive

A secure way to store electronically signed documents, and includes electronic sealing of documents and automatic re-sealing.

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