Secure authentication

Drive engagement with frictionless, multi-factor login to your sites or mobile apps. Replace passwords with electronic identities (eIDs), mobile authentication, SMS or email OTP, or biometric scanning.

Bring balance to user experience and security

Today’s consumers are used to service at a click. Signicat authentication solutions couple high security with great user experience for the end user – enabling you meet regulatory compliance without compromising on UX.
Scalable authentication solution across channels

Drive engagement in your channels with fast and easy login.

Secure authentication for mobile-first engagements

Leverage technologies already used by your customers: eIDs and biometrics.

PSD2 compliant SCA for mobile apps and websites

Fast and secure login to digital services on mobile or PC

Meet PSD2 requirements for SCA

Compliant user authentication and consents for transactions made easy with two-factor authentication solutions.

Choose the level of security for your needs

Verified re-usable identities, eIDs for the highest level of assurance

Two-factor authentication consisting of biometric, knowledge or possession factors

MobileID for highest level of security for mobile apps

Social logins for convenient authentication of users on websites

Electronic ID authentication

Allow your customers to securely log in to your services with eIDs such as BankID or NemID. Using these highly secure methods, you can ensure peace of mind and have the highest level of fraud protection, while providing your customers a convenient way to log in.

Mobile authentication

Signicat’s Mobile Authentication solution, MobileID, allows you to leverage fingerprint technology to provide the best possible user experience and highest in-app engagement rate. The solution offers proven, banking-grade security needed to perform transactions and other sensitive actions, and enables service providers to deliver fingerprint authentication for both in-app usage, and as a second factor when authenticating online.

Social logins

For lower-assurance use cases, Signicat can provide social logins so that your customers can use their existing profiles to log in to your services, such as media services and membership forums, without having to create a new profile. We support a range of common social logins, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Windows Live, Amazon and PayPal, which can be integrated into your services.

Signicat identity

In some cases, Signicat can provide an Identity Store solution to help customers that require their own users’ data to be stored in a secure, GDPR-compliant manner in our secure private cloud environment.
What our customers say
“It’s not easy to find a partner that shares the same mindset, but Signicat was able to visualize the future in the same way.”
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Choose the Signicat identity authentication solutions that fit your business requirements:

Express solutions

  • Self-service platform for SMBs
  • Recurring login with Nordic eIDs
  • Two- and multi-factor authentication
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Enterprise solutions

  • Robust, bespoke platform for enterprises
  • Recurring login with 30+ European eIDs
  • Two- and multi-factor authentication
  • PSD2 SCA-compliant mobile authentication
  • Identity Store solution for hosted identities
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