Use digital identity to optimize your customer journeys

The Signicat digital identity platform helps you build trusted digital relationships.

The Signicat Digital Identity Platform

Drive customer engagement and a consistent experience across digital channels with a single solution that bridges a fragmented digital identity infrastructure while providing the strictest levels of security and compliance. The Signicat Digital Identity Platform supports a fully digital customer lifecycle across borders.
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Identity verification

Securely identify customers in a safe and user-friendly manner. Read more

Identity validation

Enrich customer data, and continually validate regulatory compliance. Read more


Secure login, with mobile, multi-factor authentication with step-up verification. Read more

Signing and consent

Electronically sign agreements and secure consent with your customers. Read more

Digital Identity Hub

Our platform is powered by the industry’s most comprehensive digital identity hub, providing access to 30+ Electronic IDs, Document scanning, video identification, social logins, lookups, and more. Read more

What we offer

Our solutions are designed to make our customers’ lives simpler and more secure.
Improved customer engagement and upsell

Rabobank also saw a 13% increase in Customer Engagement score

Reduced costs

Fellow Finance saw a 35% reduction in onboarding costs with Signicat


Telia was able to save 4 million NOK (400k Euro) in 9 months in fraud-related costs

Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

€7 billion in fines in 2019 for AML infractions alone


Aegon saved 2600kg of paper in their first year with Signicat

Streamlined customer onboarding

Rabobank saw a 90% improvement in customer conversion rates

Identity verification

Know who you’re dealing with. Great user experience and compliance (KYC and AML) meet in a fully digital identity verification solution that leverages electronic IDs (eIDs) and ID document scanning.

Identity validation

Enrich and validate customer data with additional attributes such as address, and phone number. Maintain compliance, including screening against sanctions lists, or confirm someone's role in an organization.

Secure authentication

Drive engagement with frictionless, flexible authentication to your digital channels or apps. Replace passwords and allow your customers to log in with electronic identities, SMS or email OTP, or biometric scanning, based on the needed level of security.

Digital Identity Hub

Digital Identity Lifecycle functionality powered by our Identity Hub. It is a platform layer that connects Signicat customers to a wide variety of electronic identities, attributes, lookups and more from across Europe.
  • 30+ electronic ID scheme integrations
  • Lookups to enrich or validate your customer data
  • ID Document verification with global reach
  • NFC reading of ID documents
  • Video-based identification
  • Social logins

Platform benefits

  • scalable-solution

    Scalable Solution

    Supports smaller use cases to enterprise-wide solutions

  • flexible-deployments

    Flexible Deployments

    Public and private cloud deployments

  • scalable-assurance

    Scalable Assurance

    From simple to the strictest identity assurance levels

  • secure


    Some of the strictest security protocols are in place

  • developer-friendly

    Developer friendly

    Easy to set up, through our single point of integration

  • compliance


    Support for KYC, AML and other related regulations

Security and compliance

Enabling other businesses to build trusted relationships in digital channels is our business. We make sure you can trust our ability to meet even the highest security and compliance requirements.

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