Signicat Platform versions

The Signicat Digital Identity Platform is available in two versions:
Express version Our developer-friendly self-service platform. Ideal for SMBs and straightforward use cases. Designed to get up and running quickly and effectively. Optimal for developers who want get started coding right away with turnkey solutions.
  • Support for most Nordic eIDs
  • Quick onboarding with turnkey solutions
  • Simple but flexible
  • Get started immediately
  • Signicat Portal Solutions
Enterprise version Our most robust solution with the highest level of compliance and security. Ideal for enterprises and complex use cases. Our Customer Success team helps you with setup and configuration to match your requirements.
  • Support for 30+ eIDs from across Europe
  • Highest level of identity assurance
  • Highly bespoke
  • Richest feature set
  • Consult with us for your optimal solution
  • QTSP, SOC2, ISO27001 certified
  • Highest SLA uptime
  • Wide range of 3rd party registry lookups

Frequently asked questions

How are Signicat solutions priced?

Signicat offerings come in two editions: Enterprise and Express licensing editions. Each edition is based on number of products, number of geographic markets supported, and other factors. Please contact Sales to get an assessment.

Which electronic IDs does each version support?

Enterprise supports all of Signicat's supported electronic IDs. For a complete list, visit our developer pages.

Express supports a sub-set of eIDs:

  • BankID (NO)
  • BankID (SE)
  • NemID (DK)
  • Finnish eIDs


What signing methods does each version support?

For a complete list of signing methods supported by Signicat's Enterprise version, visit our developer pages.

Express supports a sub-set of signing methods:

  • BankID (NO)
  • BankID (SE)
  • NemID (DK)
  • InkSign (Global)
  • SMS OTP (Global)


What ID document scanning technologies does each version support?

Enterprise supports:

  • Signicat Paper
  • Onfido
  • ReadID

Enterprise stack does not currently support any ID document scanning technologies.

What Uptime Service Level Agreement is available for each version?

Enterprise provides up to 99.9% uptime.

Express provides up to 98.5% uptime.

What Support levels are available for each version?

Enterprise provides:

  • Email and phone support
  • TSP Certificate
  • Privacy Audit report
  • ISO27001 report
  • SOC2 report
  • Access to Data Center

Express provides:

  • Community support
  • Email support
  • Phone support