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Dokobit by Signicat: all-in-one signing portal

Selecting the right e-signing solution is not a choice to be made lightly. Why make Dokobit your e-signing companion?

Because we take things seriously. Let us explain.

What is Dokobit?

Dokobit is an all-in-one, turn-key SaaS signing solution covering the entire e-signing lifecycle, including signing, validation, and storage. Fully compliant with the eIDAS regulation, Dokobit stands as one of few in the world Qualified Trust Service Providers for e-signatures and e-seals validation, listed in the EU Trusted Service List.

The key benefits at a glance

  • Cross-border signing

    Secure signing with superior QES capabilities for international deals and remote teams in the EU and beyond.

  • Tailored for enterprises

    Premium team features for collaboration and monitoring, as well as branded UX and personal trainings.

  • Mobile app

    Excellent mobile experience and all the main portal features in your pocket for signing on the go.

Maximum compliance & security

From eIDAS and GDPR compliance to ISO/IEC 27001 standard, TLS data encryption, and even Lloyd's insurance – our comprehensive suite has you covered.

Don't risk your business, choose a trusted service provider.

Dokobit is the preferred choice for many businesses across Europe that prioritise security, efficiency, and global accessibility in their document signing processes.

Let's talk security and compliance

Have you ever pondered the legal weight of your e-signatures?

Would they be admissible in court in case of a dispute?

Are your documents genuinely tamper-proof?

With Dokobit you can have peace of mind that your documents and your business remain in the safest hands. Here's why:

  • We ensure that all our signatures meet the requirements for Qualified Electronic Signatures or Advanced Electronic Signatures according to the Regulation (EU) №910/2014 (eIDAS) guaranteeing your signed documents are legally binding and accepted across the entire EU.

    However, it should be noted that Member States' national requirements regarding signature levels and their use for different purposes vary widely. For example, in the Nordic countries, QES level is not required in almost any situation and AdES level signatures are accepted, while in the Baltics QES is the standard level. This makes QES the only secure level for cross-border signing.

  • All signing transactions in the Dokobit portal include qualified timestamps to ensure security against forgery and backdating.

  • Validation service evaluates the integrity of e-signed or e-sealed documents, and whether signatures are valid and legally binding. Only eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Providers, Dokobit being one of the few, hold the legal and financial responsibility for validation results and are obliged to validate all e-signatures registered in the EU.

  • Our business operations, internal systems, development and support processes comply with ISO/IEC 27001 — the internationally recognised standard for leading information security management practices.

  • We’re 100% committed to protecting your personal data according to GDPR. We've walked the extra mile following industry best practices and obtained ISO 27018 certification.

  • We work only with those service providers to which security is a top priority. We ensure that all our data shall be processed within EU/EEA.

  • We have dedicated personnel to manage and monitor all our services and infrastructure 24/7. We have 99,95% monthly uptime availability.

  • We are fully insured against professional indemnity, privacy breaches and cyber-attacks up to €1M.

E-signing beyond borders

Dokobit offers industry leading eID coverage across Europe and QES signing using video-based identification across globe.

The signing portal has a multilingual interface: use Dokobit in English, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, French, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, or Swedish. More languages coming soon.

Features for business teams

Smooth signing processes, neatly organised documents and intuitively easy management of data are the things your team, customers and partners will thank for.

  • Add additional consents to the documents to make sure they are viewed and confirmed by the responsible person before signing.

  • Sort documents into categories for a more convenient and orderly experience, and manage user rights to edit, share or delete documents assigned to categories.

  • Create a sequence of actions for every signing party to make sure the document signing process is well-rounded and in order.

  • Set deadlines and additional reminders to make sure other parties sign on time.

  • Easily manage accounts of your team members and document access rights using centralised controls to make sure sensitive documents stay in the right hands.

  • Only intended persons who authenticate with an eID matching that person can access documents.

  • See all actions performed by the users through a detailed list of events.

  • Save contacts to an address book to easily find them next time you need to share a document.

  • Provide branded document signing experience for your customers and business partners.

  • With our APIs that integrate in your internal information systems, collect signatures on your documents remotely using Dokobit portal UX.

  • Get personal trainings on Dokobit portal usage and other help needed to start using the portal.

Dokobit on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.

With Dokobit’s mobile app get all the awesome portal features on the go plus document scanning and signing and real-time notifications about document status right to your mobile phone. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

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