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Identity fraud in the AI era: Protect your organisation against a rapidly evolving threat landscape

Join us at Signicat's Digital Identity Summit on Thursday, April 11, as we bring together leading experts to explore what's next in digital identity and how identity fraud and misuse of AI can impact organisations and individuals.

Get the latest insights directly from those shaping European regulations. Hear from thought leaders and get concrete solutions from industry experts to protect your organisation from the digital threats of tomorrow.

Limited seats. Reserve your spot today.

Note: Most of the presentations will be Danish-speaking only. 


Hear from the industry leaders

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  • Portrait of Bent Dalager, KPMG

    Bent Dalager, KPMG

    Head of Innovation and new tech & Keynote speaker

  • Portrait of Jacob Lyhne, Danske Bank & FIT

    Jacob Lyhne, Danske Bank & FIT

    Chief Analyst, Statistical & Fraud expert

  • Portrait of Dr. Imran Rashid

    Dr. Imran Rashid

    Doctor, speaker and bestselling author of Sluk and Offline

  • Portrait of Martin Almosetoft, Mastercard Payment Services

    Martin Almosetoft, Mastercard Payment Services

    Director, Product Management

  • Portrait of Kalle Johannes Rose, CBS

    Kalle Johannes Rose, CBS

    Associate Professor & AML Expert

  • Portrait of Anne Marie Kindberg, Lunar

    Anne Marie Kindberg, Lunar

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Portrait of Thomas Stig Jacobsen, Lunar

    Thomas Stig Jacobsen, Lunar

    Head of IT Security

  • Portrait of Rasmus Lundgreen, SDC

    Rasmus Lundgreen, SDC

    Head of Digital Solutions

  • Portrait of Esther Makaay, Signicat

    Esther Makaay, Signicat

    VP, Digital Identity & member of EU Digital Wallet Consortium

  • Portrait of Jon Ølnes, Signicat

    Jon Ølnes, Signicat

    Tribe Lead and European standards editor/expert

  • Portrait of Thomas Osinga, Signicat

    Thomas Osinga, Signicat

    Tribe Lead and KYC expert

  • Portrait of Robin Wilgott, Signicat

    Robin Wilgott, Signicat

    Product Manager

Meet the keynote speaker

Bent Dalager is a partner and Head of Innovation in KPMG Denmark. He has more than 30 years of consulting experience across several industries, in particular the financial industry.

In addition to CBS and CBS Board Education, Bent is a guest lecturer at INSEAD MBA and a speaker at a number of AI conferences. He is also affiliated with the Financial Sector's Education Center, where he holds AI master classes. In addition, he regularly holds presentations for associations such as Finansforbundet, Revisorforbundet, IT-Branchen, Folketinget and some VLs as well as invited on panels including Folkemødet, in TV2 Business and Millionærklubben.

Bent is the chairman of the IT industry's Business Digitization Council and sits in the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority's Fintech Advisor group.

Key topics and what to expect

With 12 experts, 2 tracks and the hottest topics in digital identity , we have you covered

  • Learn how AI is accelerating Identity fraud and what organisations can do to stay ahead.

  • The European Digital Identity Wallet is coming. In a few years all European citizens can obtain a wallet to safely store their identity, documents and personal information in. Find out what this means for your organisation and how it will affect the future of your services.
    Signicat is involved in 2 European large scale pilots aiming to develop the supporting ecosystem.

  • Listen to Danske Bank's Jacob Lyhne, one of Denmark's leading fraud experts on how fraudsters operate

  • Real-world case studies, success stories and best practices from industry leaders like Mastercard, Lunar and SDC

  • What AI and other key trends mean for the future of AML regulations and KYC processes

  • Not all electronic signatures are created equal. Strong electronic signatures require strong proof of the identity of the signer (like a MitID verification) Learn about the future of electronic signing and the framework of updated EU legislation in the field from Signicat's Jon Ølnes, one of the editors of the European standards.

  • Uncover the power of no-code tools for building seamless onboarding workflows. Learn how these tools help speed up onboarding process design, simplify compliance and enhance user experience. 

Three good reasons to attend

  • Learn from the experts

    Stay on top of what is next in identity fraud, digital identity and AI to protect your organisation better

  • Real world case studies

    Learn how the industry leaders are using digital identity to handle their fraud related challenges today

  • Build relationships

    Make the right connections with peers and experts in your industry

Is this for me?

Whether you are…

  • a bank worried about accidentally letting a fraudster with a stolen identity open a fake account for money laundering
  • an online portal concerned about unauthorised users gaining access to a customer's account
  • an organisation that needs to verify the identities of customers in other countries while they sign up
  • or just someone curious about how to use a digital identity like MitID for secure logins and signing

….this event is for you