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Debt claims from 78 different collection companies? That can feel like a whole pack of tigers roaring from the mailbox. Now you only need to tackle one.


Together with partner and co-founder Hallgeir Kvadsheim from the popular TV3 series “Luxury Trap”, a show that helps people in financial trouble sort out their spending, Lene Drange has seen a need for a common, simple and digital platform. One that can gather debt information from the many different agencies contacting Norwegians to repay all the money they owe. 

As many as 78 debt companies in Norway send out these dreaded “window envelopes''. And not because of the view. They’re named after the transparent bit that shows your name and address printed on the included invoice. Everyone knows what bills look like. Nobody wants to open the envelope, although most do. Every time one of them appears, panic grows for those who know they’re in trouble. It triggers shame and primal fight or flight responses, to even approach the letter box. Some think, ”I'll end up in prison".

It is scary to be asked for money that you may not be able to pay back. No one is good at facing “78 tigers” on their doorstep as a daily routine. So, imagine not having to face the "tiger at the door" time and time again. Better just deal with one tiger. Once!

Inside Inkassoregisteret you get an overview of everything you owe, or didn't even know you owed.

Inkassoregisteret co-founders Lene Drange and Hallgeir Kvadsheim


Inkassoregisteret provides their customers with an overview of outstanding collections cases – behind one easy login powered by Signicat.

– Our service is free for private people, but regardless of who you are and what you need from Inkassoregisteret, you’re required to log in. That is possible in a very safe and secure way with Bank ID, and this is what Signicat helps us with. They give us a key to make sure all the info is correct, which is a crucial element of our business. The second thing they help us with is making sure we get a signed power of attorney to gather our users information on their behalf, says Drange.

Both Kvadsheim and Drange often think about GDPR, digital privacy and both use a lot of energy and effort to make sure their product is as safe and sound as humanly possible.

– You can't beat the fact that it is a sign of quality that both of these two things are being delivered by a known and trusted player in the market.


– When we started Inkassoregisteret in 2020, we discovered that not much had happened in regards to digital identification. Even with the general rapid technological development in the world. But Signicat has made it happen, says Kvadsheim.

– Having financial trouble can affect one's happiness, relationships, career and daily life, and it is very hard on people, and a very private issue. It is difficult to talk about it, and get help. When we are able to teach people how to solve their future economic problems and to see them feel extremely relieved, it truly feels great to be a part of their solution, says Lene Drange, and adds:

– Soon we want Inkassoregisteret to also be able to help professional advisors with all the information they need in seven seconds, not seven weeks, which has been the reality.