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Norwegian BankID (as well as Norwegian BankID on Mobile) is an electronic identity scheme in Norway that can be used for digital onboarding (Assure), authentication (Connect) and electronic signing (Sign) of documents. BankID is based on a coordinated infrastructure that is developed by the banks through the Norwegian BankID Cooperation, under the direction of the “Finansnæringens Hovedorganisasjon” and “Sparebankforeningen”.

What is mitID?

MitiD is a Danish digital identity solution that allows individuals to securely log in to online public and private services using a single set of login credentials. The solution is designed to increase security and reduce fraud by providing a secure way for individuals to prove their identity online.

To use MitID, users must first create an account and verify their identity using a physical identification card, such as a national ID card or passport. Once their identity has been verified, users can log in to participating online services using their MitID username and password.

  • Launched in 2019

  • 5.000.000+ users

  • 85% of danish population covered

Watch a MitID login demo video

Want to see MitID in action? Watch this login (authentication) demo video.