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Signicat Partner Program webinar - Let’s achieve success together!

Join us in this webinar and expand your business with digital identity services. Our partners offer a variety of products and services, and possess specialist knowledge of the markets in which they operate. They are therefore the best advisers for our customers. Interested in working with Signicat?

Key topics include:

  • Signicat digital identity platform
  • The partner program
  • Benefits in the program, like financial benefits, marketing, sales and technical support

By partnering with Signicat, you will be aligning your organisation with a world-class digital identity platform that provides your clients with a secure and easy experience now, and in the future.

And, as a Signicat partner, you’ll enjoy comprehensive support, so that together we can deliver the best possible value to our customers.

# Signicat partners benefit from many advantages.

A resell program, access to effective communication and marketing tools, training your employees on Signicat's products and services – we support our partners and work together to deliver even more value.