“Signicat has exceeded our expectations, particularly with the up-time of the authentication service and the communication between teams.”

Tomas Lundqvist Director Strategic Partnerships and Products Svea Ekonomi Finland

The challenge

With the Finnish TUPAS protocol scheduled for replacement in September 2019, Svea Ekonomi needed a new online customer authentication solution compliant with the changes to EU legislation.

The process behind customer authentication was previously managed in-house, requiring separate agreements and technical integrations with all 10 Finnish banks. This meant that processes were costly, time-consuming, and technically complex. Svea Ekonomi wanted a simpler solution that would meet post-TUPAS requirements, while also limiting the administrative burden, and reducing technical challenges.

The solution

Opting to focus resources on their core business offering, Svea Ekonomi took the opportunity to outsource customer authentication to Signicat.


With requirements split between legacy TUPAS authentication in the old model, and strong authentication via the Finnish Trust Network in the new, Signicat designed a bespoke hybrid solution capable of seamlessly handling both approaches.

The results

Svea Ekonomi now uses Signicat’s authentication solution across many of its consumer applications, including the ‘My Pages’ service, which allows customers to securely and conveniently login to self-service channels, and also sign credit agreements.

The project has been a resounding success, with Tomas Lundqvist, Director Strategic Partnerships and Products at Svea Ekonomi, explaining: “We’ve been really pleased with our cooperation with Signicat. The biggest pros for us are the cost-effective, hassle-free service and the close to 100% up-time. We’ve definitely benefited from acquiring these services from a trusted partner.”


About the client

As an independent financial group with over thirty years’ experience, Svea Ekonomi offers everything from smart payment solutions for e-commerce and B2B sales,

to financial and administrative solutions that allow its customers to increase sales and speed up payments.      

Teemu Nyholm

Teemu Nyholm

COO and Co-founder

Fellow Finance

What our customers say

“Signicat has helped us cut costs, minimize administrative work, and supported our expansion into new markets, all through a single authentication solution.”

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