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Orion Leasing

Orion Leasing uses Dokobit by Signicat integrated solutions for signing documents with clients and for authenticating employees and dealer representatives. It has helped automate the company’s processes and significantly reduced manual work – now, they process transactions in just a few minutes.

– Integrating the Dokobit Documents Gateway from Signicat and Identity API has helped automate Orion Leasing processes and significantly reduced manual work. Now, we process transactions in just a few minutes.
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Laimonas Belickas
CEO at Orion Leasing

# Challenge

The leasing market is highly dynamic and competitive. All services must operate seamlessly, without errors, promptly, securely, and conveniently. Therefore, it is not a surprise that manual document management and individual status monitoring were not convenient and sustainable for Orion Leasing – it required more and more time.

Another challenge was the need to conveniently and securely verify the identity. This can be done using electronic identity (eID) tools, which are secure and reliable – they are issued by a qualified trust service provider (QTSP). Also, the use of eID tools is much safer and more reliable than passwords (which can be hacked, they can end up in insecure networks, etc.).

# Solution

Orion Leasing's strategic step is the integration of innovative e-solutions. Dokobit was chosen not only because it operates in all three Baltic countries but also because it encompasses both authentication and e-signing solutions. Moreover, they support various identification tools, such as Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, personal identity card, or USB token, as well as different document formats (PDF, ADoc, ASiC-E).

# Result

Orion Leasing now uses Dokobit integrated solutions – Documents Gateway for signing documents with clients and Identity API for authenticating employees and dealer representatives. The entire contract cycle takes place through Dokobit API – sending contracts, monitoring status, identifying signatories, and uploading contracts into the system.

Documents get lost more often than desired. Collecting signatures on many leasing, lending, or other documents from different clients daily takes a long time and can quickly get misplaced. For Orion Leasing, generating a large volume of documents, the positive impact of Dokobit integrated solutions on the document management process within the company is strongly felt – documents signed via Dokobit API safely land in the programmed location within the client's system, avoiding loss or misplacement.