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LähiTapiola is one of the largest insurance companies in Finland, serving more than 1.6 million private, farm, entrepreneur, corporate and institutional customers across Finland.

In addition to non-life, life and pension insurances, LähiTapiola Group also provides investments and saving services and products. Signicat and LähiTapiola have worked in close strategic co-operation related to authentication and e-signing since 2019.

– Secure login to our online channels and compliant signing flows are highly important for LähiTapiola. Signicat has been our trusted partner for several years, enabling us to run our digital customer journeys in a cost-efficient and reliable way.
Sami Holopainen logo
Sami Holopainen
Director of IT Infrastructure & End User Services at LähiTapiola


LähiTapiola is the industry leader in Finland in providing insurance services locally, personally and digitally. A significant part of the customer interaction in insurance business takes place in digital channels and digital interaction is increasing every day. At the same time security requirements, regulatory demands and customer expectations are growing.

Login to online channels and digital signing of customer contracts are business-critical parts of digital customer journeys, and there needs to be trusted and secure technology to ensure that digital journeys are run in an efficient and safe way.


Login to LähiTapiola

LähiTapiola is using Signicat’s Finnish Trust Network (FTN)-based strong customer authentication solution to authenticate end-users when they log in to LähiTapiola’s online portals. After smooth authentication with Finnish bankIDs or Mobiilivarmenne, the end-customers can easily handle their insurance, investment or vehicle finance matters or for example to apply for a new life insurance or report a claim.

Call center authentication

LähiTapiola also uses Signicat’s authentication service when authenticating customers during phone calls in the call center. Strong customer authentication enables call center agents to have proper discussions about sensitive matters during phone calls without lengthy questionnaire-based identification and that way provide excellent customer service also over voice channel.

Electronic signing

In addition to authentication, LähiTapiola uses Signicat’s electronic signing engine to collect signatures for contract documents. LähiTapiola’s customers can sign contracts with Finnish BankIDs or Mobiilivarmenne, Signicat’s signing engine facilitates the signing flow and takes care of the rest until legally binding contract document is created for archival.

“It is a pleasure for us at Signicat to be able to support LähiTapiola in offering efficient digital channels to their customers. We want to ensure LähiTapiola can interact and engage digitally with their clients, and our identity platform provides a secure, user-friendly, and cost-efficient way to do that,” says Riku Louho from Signicat.


Finnish Trust Network (FTN) authentication through Signicat’s eID Hub has enabled LähiTapiola to stay compliant, minimize fraud and build trust in digital interactions with their customers. Signicat platform has been reliable and stable in handling very high constant volumes, and its SLA performance has met expectations – this all delivers benefits to LähiTapiola’s owner-customers.

“Secure login to our online channels and compliant signing flows are essential for LähiTapiola. Signicat has been our trusted partner for several years enabling us to run our digital customer journeys cost-efficient and reliable way,“ says Sami Holopainen, Director – IT Infrastructure & End user services, at LähiTapiola.