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Hehku Energia

Hehku Energia addressed challenges related to electronic document signing and archiving by adopting the Dokobit by Signicat e-signing portal. When choosing a partner, the emphasis was particularly on the service's security and reliability.

– For stakeholders, Dokobit by Signicat conveys a positive and secure image of our company. It's crucial to us that things are handled safely and legally.
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Maria Hattunen
Administrative Coordinator at Hehku Energia

# Challenge

Hehku Energia implemented electronic signatures early on and learned to utilize them extensively in various administrative contracts. However, before familiarizing themselves with the Dokobit by Signicat portal, the company had used several different service providers, making overall management complex.

"Before Dokobit by Signicat, we used multiple service providers, making it difficult to remember on which platforms different documents were located and who had access to them. We spent an unbelievable amount of work time just searching for documents, which is why we decided to concentrate electronic signatures solely on one service provider," describes Hattunen.

# Solution

Hehku Energia decided to solve the problem by implementing the Dokobit by Signicat e-signing portal. At the same time, they implemented strong authentication for new electricity contracts. According to Hattunen, Dokobit by Signicat has proven to be a logical and user-friendly solution that ensures smooth signatures for various needs.

"Of course we want to use skilled and secure service providers. Signicat has been a reliable and committed partner from the start, so it was natural to turn to them in this matter. Adopting the Dokobit by Signicat portal was quick, and we've received a lot of positive feedback on the service's reliability. Both Signicat and Dokobit are strong brands, which also creates a positive image of us as a company," says Hattunen.

# Result

According to Hattunen, Dokobit by Signicat is an invaluable tool for various needs. The advantages are clear, especially when making employment contracts, as new employees don't need to come to the office for simple formalities. Hattunen believes that a smooth and secure signing process strengthens the positive brand image among stakeholders.

"Dokobit by Signicat has proven highly advantageous for us; concentrating documents with a single service provider ensures they are consistently easy to access. For stakeholders, electronic signature conveys a positive and secure image of our company. It's important to us that things are handled safely and legally. I highly recommend Dokobit by Signicat to all companies, regardless of size or industry. The user interface is simple, but the application offers a variety of features that companies can tailor to their needs," summarizes Hattunen.