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Funding Circle

In their pursuit of streamlined fraud and compliance processes, in 2016 Funding Circle partnered with Signicat, renowned for agile and robust solutions. Since the partnership began, this collaboration has adapted to Funding Circle's growth, ensuring prompt implementation and commercial benefits.

– Signicat has been there every step of the way by offering collaborative assistance to identify our requirements and work closely to deliver, from integrating with key suppliers, offering expertise in data, and working on bespoke solutions. They have been a fundamental supplier to identify fraud and to help us drive efficiencies in our onboarding journeys.
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Liam Church
Financial Crime Operations


In its progression towards innovating new products and improving customer interactions, Funding Circle has transitioned its onboarding and origination procedures.

Acknowledging the importance of swift funding for end customers and overall business expansion, the company wanted to initiate efforts to automate fraud and compliance checks. The challenge lay in conducting real-time checks of various types during the initiation of a lending facility, which involved multiple tools and services.

Historically, these tools operated independently, without cohesive connectivity, creating obstacles in achieving optimal customer outcomes. The priority was to streamline these processes, fostering a more integrated approach that not only accelerates funding but also enhances the overall customer experience, aligning with Funding Circle's growth objectives.

“Signicat is a critical supplier for Funding Circle. We have a really close relationship and have done all throughout the growth of our business” says Liam Church, Senior Manager - Financial Crime Operations at Funding Circle.

Funding Circle London Office

Funding Circle London Office


Funding Circle sought a solution for optimising fraud and compliance processes swiftly. Signicat's agile and robust solutions ensured prompt implementation, yielding commercial benefits within expected time frames. As Funding Circle evolved into a multi-product platform, the collaboration intensified, addressing new challenges such as automating compliance processes for faster lending facilities.

When we talk about how Signicat’s technology has gone beyond expectations to meet Funding Circle’s needs, we can say that this has been a project that has changed the way Funding Circle manages fraud and compliance

Riten Gohil, Digital ID, Fraud & AML Orchestration Evangelist at Signicat.


By utilising Signicat's technology, Funding Circle achieved transformative outcomes in managing fraud and compliance. The project has redefined how Funding Circle addresses these challenges, placing a greater emphasis on Signicat to conduct essential checks within their system and reduce the need for manual interventions.

The move towards a more dynamic and automated onboarding journey is important, but doing so still ensuring compliance and anti-fraud measures are at the heart of the solution is paramount.

This shift not only decreases the risk of errors associated with human involvement but also elevates operations through automated processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and overall performance. This enables the internal teams at Funding Circle to spend more time on complex cases and investigations, ensuring that all customers are kept safe.