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BB Finance

For BB Finance, automation of various processes led to a notable increase in efficiency.

– Clients no longer need to download and send documents via email, they can now sign them directly within the self-service portal. This not only saves time for clients but also for the company.
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Kertu Järvevee
Marketing Manager at BB Finance


Before partnering with Dokobit by Signicat, BB Finance encountered three key challenges in its operations.

First, customer authentication relied solely on a password-based login method. Second, sending documents to customers via email for signature collection, along with the need to educate them on e-signing and await their responses, proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. Lastly, sending proofs to customers on behalf of the company with employees' personal signatures on them raised credibility concerns.

In response to these challenges, the company started exploring ways to boost process efficiency and enhance the overall user experience for customers, making it even more convenient and faster.


Flexibility and reliability were key considerations for BB Finance when selecting a partner. Dokobit's established position as a leading service provider in the market ensured confidence that their specific needs would be seamlessly met. The integration of Dokobit solutions allowed BB Finance to systematically tackle each challenge.

Secure login options: a secure and convenient login process now allows users to authenticate using various options such as ID cards, Mobile ID, and Smart-ID.

Efficient document signing: a streamlined document signing process empowers customers to sign documents directly within self-service environment. Thanks to this, the processes are now fully automated.

Ensuring the integrity and origin of company documents: In place of using employees' personal signatures to sign proofs sent by the company, BB Finance can now automatically generate and seal company documents with an e-seal, enhancing credibility and professionalism.


Integrating Dokobit into BB Finance's operations brought several improvements. Customer experience was enhanced with secure and user-friendly login options, along with streamlined processes. The more efficient document signing process saved time and simplified the client's experience by eliminating repetitive steps.

Internally, the company noticed a significant increase in efficiency as various processes were automated. This enabled employees to focus on more value-driven tasks, positively impacting the company's overall functioning and growth.

In summary, partnering with Dokobit has proven to be a practical and effective solution, creating a more streamlined and professional environment for both the company and its customers.