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Adam Walhout

Head of SMB Marketing

Test, buy and deploy digital identity solutions in days, not weeks (with no meetings)

Go live with your trusted service quickly and hassle-free. Signicat’s new self-service dashboard is available so developers can try and buy. On your own terms and your own timeline.

Whenever you need an identity solution, like authentication or digital signatures; there is a lot of research to be done. But the journey from “want it” or “need it” – to “it’s live!” can often be slow, exhausting and include manual steps. Could there be a new way?

Digital identity services have become normalized and expected. And although building advanced identity solutions requires time and expertise, simple authentication, lookups and signatures should just be simple, right? Often not.

These important integrations can take weeks. Sometimes even months. Because every time developers or companies got a whiff of something new and important for their platforms, apps or websites – the “buying process” (and the waiting game) began.

First, for talks and meetings with sales representatives from the company providing access to the critical solution to implement. They had to pick up your phone call, read your email, find the answers, and respond to it. Tik-tok-tik-tok, right?

You just want to get your hands on the technology and try it for yourself. To sign into a dashboard, configure it all and easily test and check it out – and if you liked it, you could just buy it!

Without talking to a single person?

Ta-da! Well now you can.

The new Signicat Dashboard is exactly like that.

Nina Chung Mathiesen, Customer and Developer Experience Tribe Lead @ Signicat

# Self-service dashboard, save weeks of waiting

We all like to be in charge of our own stuff. To not have so many people to interact with, who aren't your friends or colleagues or family. Remember when the airports got the self service check-in? You no longer needed to be bored in the long queue. You would no longer set aside extra time to complete your journey. And you didn't need to show all your personal stuff, like your passport or documents, to strangers behind a counter.

Anyone can enter the new Signicat Dashboard and test our digital identity solutions themselves. Instant access to Signicats test environment – without a single meeting or phone call.

–Your interaction with Signicat can live entirely within the dashboard. Of course we’re always available to help, but that should be up to you, says Signicats Customer and Developer Experience Tribe Lead, Nina Mathiesen.

–You can in very simple steps sign up and create an account, log in and find the documentation you need to implement everything from your API/OIDC clients, domain and subdomains, to webhooks and your branding, she says.

–And then?

–Then you can start testing our products, for as long as you need to, in order to see how it would work for you and your company. What used to take weeks, can be done in a single day, she says.

–For free?

–For free!

Screenshot of the Signicat developer dashboard.

The Signicat Dashboard gives access to everything you need to build, test and deploy digital identity solutions.

# 30 European identification methods, in one place

We will get back to what those specific products are. But they all have to do with preventing fraud and figuring out if your customer is really who they say they are. Digital identification is very important, as you surely already know. But did you know that authentication, e-signature and identification solutions are very different from one country to another? In Europe alone there are over 30 different ways to legally and securely know for sure who your customer is!

–But don't worry, says Mathiesen. All of them are available for you to try out inside the Dashboard, she says.

So is the feature of electronic signing API, to verify your customers’ identity and get important documents signed fast. You can perform lookups to gather more information on a company or a person, e.g. address information, PEP status, and more, for purposes of KYC/KYB/AML. Signicat supports over 130 registries in Europe for these lookups, all available from the Dashboard.

–Often you don’t only need to do one thing, but several automated actions in orchestration. There are ways to create varied solutions with specified rules. This can be done manually, but this can also be done in a simple way, she says.


–Signicat Mint, says Mathiesen with a smile. A brilliant no-code journey builder where you can build your own end user journeys by dragging and dropping different Signicat components, including those mentioned above, and more.

# Try before buy, no more stress

In the end: You can try before you buy. You get full control over the process. Without any stress. No wait for people to guide you through via digital meetings and all the back and forth on email. Check it out while waiting for an airplane, when you have time, at home or at the office.

–Get to know what Signicat digital identity solutions can do for you, and if you like a solution, you can buy it – and be up and running next week! No need to wait for two months for something that should probably have been live yesterday, says Mathiesen.

The Signicat Marketplace is available through the Dashboard – buy the products you need to go live quickly.

# 4 features you can test yourself (there are lots more)

# eID Hub

Allows you to create sign-up or sign-in solutions for your customers with over 30 different European identity methods.

# Electronic Signing API

Get documents signed, while also verifying the user's identity.

# Data Verification

Perform lookups towards registries when onboarding a customer to make sure no one is corrupt or involved in money laundering (KYC/AML purposes).

# Signicat Mint: No-Code

A new no-code journey builder that lets you drag and drop to create, deploy and iterate on your own flow. May involve lookups, identification or signature solutions, and more.

# What to implement in order to personalise your Dashboard experience

Signing up and creating an account takes only a couple of minutes. You'll find guidelines to help you implement everything you need to test, build and deploy digital identity solutions:

Developer tools:

  1. API/OIDC Clients

  2. Domains and Subdomains

  3. Branding Your Application

  4. Events and Webhooks

  5. Logs

  6. Automated User Communication

General admin tools:

  1. User Invites and Access Control

  2. Invoice Administration

  3. Credit Card Purchases for immediate activation