State of the art electronic signatures

As a part of our Digital Identity Service Provider platform (DISP) we find more and more customers realizing the benefits and using electronic signatures to replace paper processes. We have offered electronic signature services for almost 10 years and support signing with eIDs in a vast number of countries. To succeed with electronic signing we think there is three key elements that needs to be in place:

1) A great user experience on any device

People are used to great mobile user experience from their daily interactions with applications and they expect nothing less from your electronic signing processes. You should make it easy to sign documents electronically from your smartphone in a user friendly way and give users the ability to quickly sign documents wherever they are. At Signicat this is a top priority and we continuously try to make our products work better on all devices.

2) Becoming paperless – and staying compliant
The goal with signing documents electronically is to decrease the amount of manual paper process, both for the end user and for your company. The evidence of the signed document is important and you need to be sure that you can prove that the contract was signed in a legally binding way and ensure that the electronic signature is correctly embedded into the document. With over 10 years of evolution, Signicat’s signature solutions gathers and integrates all the needed legally binding data into the document, making it the preferred choice of financial institutions, insurance companies and government institutions.

3)  Integrate once and scale up your digital processes
Whether you are targeting one or multiple countries, you should focus creating digital processes replacing paper processes instead and spend less time integrating and understanding electronic signature technology. By integrating with Signicat, you will get a single point of integration to multiple signing methods, with a vast amount of features ensuring that you are covering your needs for today, and tomorrow. A trend for businesses integrating with Signicat for electronic signing is that they start in one market and gradually expand to multiple markets – seeing the ability to scale their digital business cross border.

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