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The Signicat Blog
Dag Sneegen

Product Owner @ Signicat

Signicat is meeting the highest levels of security

Signicat is a certified OpenID Connect provider and has achieved OpenID Certification from the OpenID Foundation. But why is this important to customers?

Establishing trust is never easy. In order to authenticate and verify the identity of customers and users through electronic identification, Signicat has had to undergo many tests and comply with regulations such as KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering). This is to ensure the most secure and convenient service for our customers.

But now, Signicat is a certified OpenID Connect provider. OpenID Certification demonstrates that our implementation of OpenID Connect, a standard for user authentication and authorisation, meets the highest levels of security, interoperability, and usability. We are very serious about establishing customer trust.

Having achieved the OpenID Certification is a badge of honour that says at Signicat, we are serious about standards and security.

# But what does this Certification really mean?

It means we have been certified at the highest level. This is a self-certification process that involves hundreds of tests that evaluate conformance to best practice. Being certified means we implement the OpenID Connect and OAuth standards as they are intended to be implemented.

It’s a very big stamp of approval! And we have bragging rights because we are listed among many major companies as having a certified OpenID Connect solution such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and even the US Library of Congress.

It signals that we take compliance seriously and have demonstrated the highest levels of security.

# What are the benefits for the customer?

As an OpenID Connect provider, Signicat offers secure and convenient authentication and authorisation services. This enables customers to comply with industry regulations and standards, such as PSD2 (payment regulations) in Europe.

Signicat's OpenID Connect implementation also supports a wide range of authentication methods, including BankID, NemID, and MobileID, and can be easily integrated with a variety of applications and services.

Even more benefits include:

  1. Increased trust: The OpenID Certification provides assurance that Signicat's implementation of OpenID Connect meets the highest levels of security and usability.

  2. Easier to use: Our solution will be easier to use and understand.

  3. More assurance: It shows that we take compliance seriously, and that we have an OIDC implementation customers can easily integrate with.

  4. Increased confidence: Customers can be confident in the security of their digital identity and the protection of their personal information.

  5. Easier to implement: Signicat's OpenID Connect implementation is designed to be easily integrated with a variety of applications and services. This can make it easier and faster for customers to implement digital identity solutions into their own systems.

This badge of honour has put us alongside some of the biggest companies in the world. We are proud to announce that we are fully established as a reliable and secure solution.