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Measures for intensified digital preparedness

Signicat’s basic principles for information security and digital preparedness are an important resource in the work of strengthening the company's robustness in the face of a challenging threat and risk picture. Due to the current situation in Ukraine and potential for increased security threats, Signicat has implemented several measures to mitigate risks.

These include:

I. Digital preparedness:

Signicat has a foundation of preparedness in our ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). We have in addition verified that the measures are effectively implemented, such as backups and firewalls and (D)DoS protection.

II. Monitoring of situation:

Signicat is monitoring the situation and recommendations from local and global security agencies to prepare as much as possible for the situation.

Signicat is committed to protect the security and resilience of information and processes according to applicable requirements. Applicable requirements are determined by Signicat’s risk assessments, applicable laws and regulations, and by contractual obligations. Signicat is committed to continuously improve information security through an information security management system.

III. Internal preparedness:

Signicat has informed staff about standard security hygiene factors in line with its information security policies, training and additionally taking external recommendations into consideration. The hygiene factors include, but not limited to, the attempts of potential spear-phishing e-mails attacks to employees, multi-factor authentication usage, updated software, not reusing passwords, and reporting of suspicious behavior.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Signicat at or contact one of our local offices.