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The Signicat Blog
Adam Walhout

Head of SMB Marketing @ Signicat

Learn how to build secure login, onboarding and signing solutions in 15 minutes

Working in a start-up?
Know that you need to integrate digital identity?
Not sure where to get started?

In this video, we explain the basics around three key business flows – at a high level, and with quick deep dives into the code.

Watch as we walk you through the digital identity essentials for three key business processes:

00:30 Building a secure login flow using an electronic ID
03:39 Running an AML/KYC compliant new user onboarding flow
08:54 Sign a document using the Dokobit Portal from Signicat

Extensive developer documentation

Discover comprehensive user guides, API references and code examples to help you start working with Signicat as quickly as possible.