Introducing improved mobile support for Swedish BankID

Sweden’s BankID recently introduced a function where users can scan a QR code as part of an authentication, using Swedish Mobile BankID, providing enhanced security by reducing the geographical distance between the web browser on the desktop and the Mobile BankID client. This means that the desktop computer and the user with the Mobile BankID app are in the same place.

The user obtains a QR code on the website, and then scans this QR code using the Mobile BankID app. This eliminates the need to type in a personnummer (Swedish national identification number), which reduces the likelihood of social engineering attacks.

Signicat has now implemented support for this new QR code functionality. Signicat has also made improvements to the user interface of the BankID method in this new release. A method can be configured to support the new user interface and/ or QR code functionality.

To learn more, visit our developer pages.

For existing customers, contact our support team to take advantage of this new functionality.

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