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Anna Hannover

Product Marketing Manager @ Signicat

How to prove who did what and when – the importance of Digital Evidence Management

Safe storage and management of consent and transactional data, no problem. Digital Evidence Management (DEM) from Signicat can make all the difference.

# Stay on top of regulations - kick out fraud

An increasing number of regulations are coming into effect, and more businesses need to comply with the regulations. The AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) directive, which used to be for banks only, is spreading to other businesses such as insurance, gambling, real-estate and others. AML is all about stopping the financing of criminal activities, though criminals will of course try to find other businesses where they can launder money and finance their activities.

# Reliable evidence - prove who did what and when

Having to comply with regulations is a lot of work, and the regulated business must provide proof that their business complies with a number of standards, both technical and organisational. In addition, they will have to provide proof of ongoing activities. This may, for example, be proof of identity and background checks when onboarding, proof of transactions, including dynamic linking, proof of access, proof of authorisation, and much more.

Gathering such proof may be time consuming, and often includes manual work such as going through logs in various databases and file systems. And questions may be raised regarding the integrity and validity of such data. How can you prove that this data has not been tampered with?

# Go digital - save time and money

This is where a digital evidence management (DEM) solution comes in. DEM provides a simple API based solution for securing digital evidence. The API makes it simple to integrate this into existing business processes, and there is no human interaction during the process. The data is digitally sealed using the Signicat QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider), which gives the highest degree of confidence in data integrity, as well as when the data was added.

# The versatile tool - for an abundance of use cases

In addition to the data being secured, metadata can be added, for ease of finding the data in case of an audit or a dispute. Most evidence only needs to be stored for a limited time, which is why you can also add a expiry date, at which time the data will automatically be deleted. You decide whether this is a day, month, year or as many years as is necessary to comply with the given regulation.

All data is encrypted at rest in our secure cloud servers. Signicat is GDPR compliant and acts as the data processor. The customer will be the owner of the data and also the data controller.

As there are no eID dependencies, the solution can be used globally.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch to discuss your organisations Digital Evidence Management needs.