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Adam Walhout

Head of SMB Marketing @ Signicat

How to build AML compliant onboarding for B2B and B2C using Signicat registry lookups

Watch a recording of this live-coding session and learn how to implement two relevant use cases using our registry lookup services.

# See how to get up and running quickly with registry lookups

Watch as we live code two relevant use cases using Signicat registry lookup services. During this 30-minute live session, we cover:

  • A quick intro to Signicat's registry lookups
  • B2C use case: AML compliant onboarding with PEP/sanctions lookups
  • B2B use case: Controlling signing rights, procuration and credit check
  • Live demos in Postman and code examples

# More on Signicat's registry lookup services 

Signicat's registry lookup services help you comply with AML laws. These identity verification APIs allow you to check and monitor customer data against different national and commercial registries, for both natural persons and organisations.

The services are offered through a single point of integration, which means that you don't have to implement several services separately, which often have limited geographic coverage and use distinct standards.

Signicat offers two identity verification APIs, the Information API and the Monitoring API. For conceptual information about these two services, see Types of registry lookups. For reference documentation, see the links in the APIs section below.

If you are unfamiliar with how the registry lookup services can be used, see the Use cases page.