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Adam Walhout

Head of SMBOC Marketing @ Signicat

How Okta delivers low friction identity solutions with Signicat

Identity is the starting point for any user. That’s what Tobias Urban, Team Lead CIAM Specialists CEE at Okta says. But companies taking steps to make their apps secure can find it comes at the cost of user experience – losing customers in the process - before they have even become customers!

Did you know that 33% of companies are aware they're losing customers because of an irritation related to proving their identity? This friction is causing customers to leave before they even start using the service. And 70% of users claim to have abandoned apps just because it was too hard to sign into them.

# Balancing security with user experience

This will likely get worse as new requirements, such as strong customer authentication, will create even lengthier processes for customers as a lot of companies use real-time video verification. This can be time-consuming and means more effort for customers.

That’s why in this video, Tobias Urban explains why Okta has partnered with Signicat. This partnership allows them to provide the right tools to customers and shorten the authentication journey from minutes to seconds.

Okta partnered with Signicat

As Okta is a trusted partner to businesses around the world and they give customers the confidence to reach their full potential, partnering with Signicat was the obvious next step. Signicat is the leading Digital Identity Hub in Europe, helping customers create easier and more compliant onboarding, authentication, and electronic signatures.

Companies can often focus far too much on security which leads them to neglect the user experience. Signicat’s large suite of integrations for eIDs and for end user verification provides security and verification, while ensuring the user experience is improved.

Easy plug-ins give access to 30+ identity methods

Signicat also offers easy plug-ins for Auth0 (now part of Okta). This enables quick onboarding and authentication of Auth0 end users with easy access to 30+ electronic identity methods. By integrating Signicat into the Auth0 platform, Auth0's customers will have access to the largest collection of digital identity services in Europe.

Signicat's Digital Identity Platform includes identity proofing, authentication, and electronic signature services. These meet the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements in many European markets. These checks ensure that any potential customer is who they say they are.

Using new technologies like this can make the process of verification and onboarding a lot more secure, and frictionless. Watch the video to find out how we are helping companies to focus on security, while keeping customers happy.