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R. Roest

Marketing Manager, We-ID

New eHerkenning phishing email circulating – 7 tips on how to react

We-ID, a trusted provider within the eHerkenning system in the Netherlands, is part of Signicat’s extensive network. Recently, new phishing emails claiming to be from eHerkenning are circulating, requesting an EH4 application. These emails are fraudulent and aim to steal personal, login, or financial information.

Here are 7 guidelines on to recognise and handle such emails:

  1. Verify sender: Check the sender’s email address carefully. Official emails come from We-ID or recognised eHerkenning providers.
  2. Analyse content: Look for grammatical errors, unusual requests, and urgent threats.
  3. Avoid links and attachments: Do not click links or download attachments from suspicious emails.
  4. Contact support: If in doubt, contact We-ID's official customer service using known contact details.
  5. Report phishing: Mark suspicious emails as phishing with your email provider and report them to relevant authorities.
  6. Change passwords: If compromised, change your passwords immediately.
  7. Protect personal info: Never share personal or financial information via email.

If you've interacted with a suspicious email, contact the Fraudehelpdesk (Dutch) immediately for assistance.

For further details, visit the original blog post (in Dutch).