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Building trust into every signature

Rumour has it that you can't trust anyone these days. Well, let’s be honest (but not humble). From the very beginning of Signicat, we took this myth as a challenge and are busting it into pieces so our customers can sleep better at night.

In today's digital world, trust is everything. We take the vision of a trusted digital world very seriously – here, at Signicat, we strive to build and maintain trust in everything we do. Yes, that means you can trust us, and yes, you can feel confident. Signicat solutions are that warm hug of confidence while interacting with others digitally.

So what's new about that, you might ask?

The Signicat Stamp of Trust

Let us introduce you to the Signicat Stamp of Trust. You’ll notice The Stamp in several places as you sign documents using Dokobit by Signicat. The Stamp is a visual representation of the quality you can expect when you use a product powered by Signicat. When you see The Stamp, you know you can securely trust the service you’re using. The Stamp directly aligns with Signicat's vision of a trusted digital world – it's a visible symbol of the company's commitment to excellence in digital identity verification and signing services.

The Signicat Stamp of Trust is your guarantee that you can securely trust the service you’re using.

Why exactly can you always trust Dokobit by Signicat?

You already know that e-signatures are not scribbled images on a document, right? It's much more than that. You can use it to verify your identity and sign documents. An e-signature encodes a combination of numbers and actions that is unique in each case.

Signicat is committed to maximum data security and adherence to all relevant regulations. There are many reasons why you can always trust Dokobit by Signicat. For example, did you know that:

  • Signicat’s business operations, internal systems, development, and support processes comply with ISO/IEC 27001 – the internationally recognised standard for leading information security management practices.
  • Signicat is committed to protecting your personal data. ISO/IEC 27001 standard is considered the best framework for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and covers almost all of the necessary GDPR requirements.
  • Dokobit, a Signicat company, is a Qualified Trust Service Provider for e-signatures and e-seals validation, supervised by a Member State Supervisory Body and included in the EU Trusted Service List.
  • All signatures produced with the help of Signicat services meet the requirements for Qualified Electronic Signatures or Advanced Electronic Signatures set forth under the eIDAS regulation. These signatures are accepted across the EU.
  • Signicat works only with those service providers for which security is a top priority.
  • Signicat has wide experience in supporting business-critical processes and thus gives careful attention to service availability.

We're very pleased that Dokobit is powered by the European digital identity leader Signicat, enabling a trusted digital world since 2006. Feel confident while signing documents electronically – Signicat will be there to help build trust every step of the way.