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Practical Guide to Norwegian BankID and the solutions of tomorrow

With the much-anticipated transition to the new BankID app and the launch of a new level of BankID Q4 2022, BankID customers and end-users can look forward to a faster, more user friendly and convenient way of logging in to a variety of services.

Transition to app based BankID

BankID app

With the launch of the new BankID app, users are able to log in faster without compromising on security.

Most Norwegian banks, and international banks operating in Norway, are already offering the BankID app or equivalent apps.

No more one-time codes when logging in to the online bank or other online companies, the app replaces the need for a code generator (“kodebrikke”). Just download the app to a mobile device, activate using BankID and complete using password. Easy access by using PIN, fingerprint or face recognition, the end-user will be good to go in no time.

The app offers increased security against fraud, it even shows where the user is when trying to login, perfect for avoiding scamming attempts.

More than 1.500.000 Norwegians are estimated to use the BankID app by the end of 2022.

BankID on mobile gradually phased out

BankID on mobile is gradually being phased out and will be decommissioned during 2023. It will be replaced by the BankID app. This will provide better user friendliness compared to today's solution where the mobile BankID is stored on a specific SIM card.

End-users without smart phones or who do not want to use the app will still be able to use the code generator.

BankID identity levels

Faster, easier and cheaper authentication with BankID Biometrics, the new ID level

BankID Biometrics will be launched in Q4 2022 and will only be available through the BankID app. This BankID is at identity level substantial (“betydelig”), which is the second highest level defined.

BankID Biometrics will be applicable to estimated 95 % of the use cases. Thumb, face or PIN will be the most common way of logging in.

Most companies and end-users will use BankID Biometrics for a majority of their authentication, such as logging in to an abundance of services and for online payment authentication, including card transactions using 3D-Secure.

Existing ID level, BankID High

The existing BankID will be renamed to BankID High (BankID Høy) and will remain technically unchanged. It will offer the highest identity assurance level.

BankID High level will mainly be required for:

  • First-time onboarding to financial services.
  • BankID signing.
  • Most health services.
  • Money transfer above limits defined by the Norwegian AML legislation.
  • Suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing.

What ID level to use in the BankID app?

The end-user will not have to bother about what ID level to use and when. In fact, in most cases, they will not be aware of the fact that they are using one or the other. The BankID app will handle both identity levels and choose the appropriate one. Should BankID High be required, the app will automatically handle that and require a password.

Recorded webinars

Watch recordings of previous webinars around the BankID transition.

English version from June 2022.

Recorded webinars

Watch recordings of previous webinars around the BankID transition.

Norwegian version from September 2022.