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About Signicat

Customer migration to our new hosting platform (GCP)

Learn how to onboard yourself by following the steps below, and read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

# Who can I contact for support?

For any questions, please reach out to

Your account manager should also be copied into the dialogue.

# What will the benefits of this migration be? 

Moving to a new cloud environment implies a range of advantages:

  • New functionalities provided faster: Utilising GCP enables Signicat more flexibility and a speedy time to market in rolling out new services and features. As a result, we can better adapt to our customers’ needs.
  • Agility and self-service capabilities: You will get access to enhanced self-service capabilities, enabling you to access logs&analytics, set up test&production accounts, do provisioning and changes in an agile way, etc.
  • Still a European setup: Although a move from Norway, we can ensure our customers a European localisation of our services and customer data where this is of importance.
  • One unified solution: We harmonize our architecture and technical setup in one standardized way. This enables us to deliver higher quality to you as a customer. For our cross-border customers, this infrastructure delivers greater technical simplification.
  • Future-proof: Access to the latest technologies and products prevents lock-in with proprietary and outdated solutions. It enables your state-of-the-art solutions to run smoothly with our services.

# What changes will I need to make on the technical side?

Moving your implementation to a new provider is mainly a process that happens inside our systems and is handled by our staff, invisible to you. Our ambitions has always been to build an architecture that protects our valued customers from any complexity and unnecessary tailored integrations. However, there may be a need for minor adjustments in some parts of your implementation. We will come back with more detailed descriptions of what these adjustments are and how they can be dealt with that causes minimal friction. Implications will vary across customers, and we will invite you for a more thorough dialogue on this depending on perceived need and the nature of your integration with us. We will ensure appropriate resources are allocated to assist you in the preparations and execution of these adjustments to ensure a speedy and smooth transition. Please visit the “Technical Information” in the left navigation pane for more details.

# What changes will be made regarding contracts?

On the contract side, we do not foresee any major changes in the terms & conditions or the service provisioning. The new providers deliver the same if not better service levels and support for the same set of functions and features. There is a requirement given through GDPR and other regulations/legislations however, whereby explicit reference to the cloud providers must be made in the contracts. We will therefore need a revised contract to be signed, which in most cases will be an update of one appendix.

# What are the compliance benefits of migration to GCP?

We believe that our migration to GCP will not risk your and our compliance with our applicable laws, our agreement and relevant norms. GCP as a hyperscaler, with global experience (and technical challenges) is extremely well battle tested/hardened over many years of hyperscale operations. Redundancy and availability are a given by the vast (hardware) resources.

GCP offers certifications and reports on industry standard norms such as ISO27001, the personal data specific ISO27018 and SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3 reports (Cloud Compliance - Regulations & Certifications | Google Cloud ).

For more details, please visit the Compliance page on this site.

# Where will data be stored?

Signicat has engaged Google Ireland Limited to provide hosting services on Google’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP is used to host Signicat’s platform which connects and makes available authentication, identification and information services. As such, Signicat processes data on your behalf using GCP. All data is and will be processed in accordance with the agreement you and Signicat concluded, including the data processing agreement and the security requirements Signicat committed to. Furthermore, Signicat’s processing of data and engagement of third-parties such as GCP is done conforming to the ISO 27001 standards.