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About Signicat

Life at Signicat

We are the signicats

A team of 450 professionals representing 40 different nationalities. Our hybrid and remote work model enables us to collaborate from 16 different countries across Europe, uniting talents from junior to senior levels. 

We are dedicated to developing digital identity solutions and building a trusted digital world.

Join us and become part of a forward-thinking team!

Our work style

We believe that in today’s professional world, the flexibility is essential.

Our hybrid work model allows you to work from home 2-3 days a week, with the option to work remotely depending on your role. This approach supports a healthy work-life balance.

We also encourage coming to the office and meet with your international team in a real life to build strong team relationships, work efficiently, enjoy our modern office workplace and especially to make your onboarding as smooth as possible!

For a change of scenery, take advantage of the opportunity to work from any Signicat office or any European country for designated periods each year.

Team engagement

Since 2020, we've been enhancing team involvement with a pulse-based, research-backed, transparent, and real-time tool. We've achieved an average team temperature score of 8 out of 10 and an eNPS score of 26 out of 30. We are committed to continuous improvement, believing that strong engagement is key to our shared success.

Our teams discuss results, identify actions to maintain strengths, and address areas for improvement, while company-wide insights guide our growth and investment strategies.

Continuous growth

Quarterly Development Talks are central to our approach to your professional and personal growth. During these meetings with your manager, you'll set 1-3 goals, and your manager will act as your accountability partner, with regular one-on-one check-ins to track your progress.

We understand the power of mentorship, so we offer internal mentorship opportunities to support your development. Immerse yourself in our culture of innovation and knowledge sharing to achieve your goals and thrive.

Eager to learn more? We offer unlimited access to Udemy business license to ensure you stay up-to-date and continually expand your skills. Take advantage of dedicated time during work hours for your development and learning.

Career at Signicat

We provide clear career paths within each department, complete with detailed job descriptions, accessible to everyone. We support your career growth both vertically and horizontally, even when transitioning between departments. 

Many signicats have successfully up-skilled and advanced through various career paths, making us incredibly proud!

Surround yourself with industry experts

Our team is filled with the brightest minds in our industry, including committed professionals who have been with us for over 5 or even 10 years. 

Several co-founders from the companies that joined Signicat are still actively contributing to our journey, adding depth and excitement to our workplace. 

This makes Signicat an inspiring place to grow your career and learn from the best! 


Being part of our dynamic community fills signicats with pride. Our rich cultural diversity has led to successful Employee Resource Groups, including LGBTQ+ and Gender Diversity, and Women in Signicat.

We also provide Signicat’s guide to connecting cultures, a valuable resource for navigating our cross-cultural environment.

Join us and experience the richness of our vibrant community!

Signicat Kick-off

Every two years, we bring all signicats together under one roof - an event you won’t want to miss!