Summer Internship (Trondheim)

Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) and is one of the leading providers of electronic identity and signature solutions in Europe/globally. Our security solutions are used at all financial levels from government and big banks to small business—and everywhere in between.

We continue to be leaders in innovative security solutions, reducing risk while providing a smart and intuitive user experience. Signicat has earned the trust of institutions and businesses by providing user authentication, electronic signing, identity proofing and document preservation.

We are a fast-growing company that has track record of success as one of the most complete providers of electronic identification services for the Nordic and European markets. While enjoying continued growth we have kept the best of our ‘startup’ ethos, encouraging creativity, initiative and independence to get things done. We value the well-being of each employee and all work together to create a supportive and inspiring work environment.

Signicat has more than 140 employees at offices in Trondheim (headquarters), Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Lisbon. Our focus is security and professionalism and we are constantly working to improve our product and ourselves. If you want to be part of our highly talented, professional and creative team then we want to hear from you!

You will be a part of a dedicated and friendly development team where you will build integrations and features, services and products that run on the Signicat e-identity and digital signature platform.

One potential task is creating a small runtime (a microservice) capable of taking a PDF document and a page number as input, and produce a PNG render of the given page of the PDF document. The first days you will Investigate possible JavaScript runtimes (node.js, GraalVM, Headless Chrome, ++) and evaluate which runtime is best suited for the task with regards to performance, but also ease of deployment and operations. Then you build a minimum viable product and iterate with adding more functionality for each sprint. The service should accomplish this through an HTTP interface to play nice with other Signicat microservices.

You have preferably some experience as an allround developer — you are comfortable at the command line, you can read specifications and implement them accordingly, you understand the web as well as being comfortable writing modern server applications using Java.

If time permits, you will also get a chance to explore caching mechanisms like Redis or write a Puppet module for the service in order to facilitate deployment.


  • Second year of a Bachelor; third or fourth year of a Master (with exceptions if you have some experience outside of school).
  • You’re security aware.
  • You stay updated on languages, frameworks and platforms, you know what’s coming next and you like to be knowledgeable and good at what you do.
  • You want to write clean code and you would like to learn how to make your stuff testable and tested.
  • You think coding is fun, you like helping people out and you ask for help yourself when you need it.


  • Nice office location in central Trondheim. We’ve got a very relaxed working environment. No dress code, no business cards unless you really want one.
  • Employee social activities (music, sports, board games)

Please send any questions to and use the application-link to apply here.

About Signicat

Signicat is a growing, dynamic technology company that has operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and UK. Signicat consists of currently around 130 people from 22 different countries with its head office in Trondheim, Norway. They are aiming to be the preferred provider of electronic identity services to customers in regulated industries. Signicat specializes in cross-border, cloud-based electronic identity services and electronic signatures, ensuring organizations can connect and interact with their customers through verified digital identities. The business concept is to deliver identity solutions to major players in the banking, finance, insurance and eCommerce markets. Signicat’s ongoing growth is backed by their owners, Nordic Capital and Viking Venture. 

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