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We are pioneers in verified digital identity

We have a long Nordic-wide history with Signicat. Signicat’s identification and signature services enables us an easy and cost-effective way to ensure our customers’ identity and get electronic signatures to important financial documents from various sources, in real time, without intermediaries.

Hannu Heliö

Over a Decade of Trusted Digital Identity

Signicat has been helping our clients digitally connect to their customers in a trustworthy, verifiable manner since 2007. We have been at the forefront of the Electronic Identity adoption across the Nordics and witnessed the emergence of the Identity Verification market.

Signicat primarily provides digital identity solutions to clients from regulated industries. We help our clients adhere to and benefit from regulations such as GDPR, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorist legislation and regulations, as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for onboarding of new users.

Signicat’s vision is to be the preferred provider of electronic identity services to customers in regulated industries.

Signicat specializes in cross-border, cloud-based electronic identity services and electronic signatures, ensuring organizations can connect and interact with their customers through verified digital identities.

Signicat delivers identity solutions to major players in the banking, finance, insurance and eCommerce markets.

Our clients include

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Our Leadership

Gunnar Nordseth

CEO and co-founder

Arne Vidar Haug

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

Aron Kozak

Chief Marketing Officer

Bård Skogstad

Chief Financial Officer

Hallvard Olaisen

Chief Operations Officer

Harald Stendal

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Lars Klemetsaune

Chief Development Officer

Lars Møller Kristensen

Chief Product Officer

Nina Kvannli

VP Finance & Organisation

Petter Iversen

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Kjøglum

Chief Information Security Officer

Tove Tronstad

VP of Human Resources

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