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We bring trust back to digital

Signicat is the leading provider of digital identity solutions in Europe.

Our mission is to build technology for people to trust each other in a digital world. We bring trust to identity claims in every step of the customer journey from onboarding to offboarding.

Security and compliance for a digital world

We deliver business-critical services to Europe's largest companies, so security and compliance is a big deal for us. Our trusted services are delivered in line with regulatory and best practice requirements.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) logo

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Qualified Trust Service Provider logo

    Qualified Trust Service Provider

  • ISO/IEC 27001 logo

    ISO/IEC 27001

  • KYC and AML logo

    KYC and AML

  • AICPA SOC logo


It's all about trust

Signicat offers the most extensive suite of digital identity solutions in the market, period. Our digital identity platform is unmatched in breadth with 30+ identity methods, AML/KYC compliant onboarding, mobile app-based authentication, advanced electronic signing and more.

Since 2007, we've built a solid reputation by enabling trusted digital business for highly regulated and non-regulated industries.

Choosing Signicat means you get:

● Solutions for the whole customer lifecycle
● Seamless customer service and support
● Access to 300+ digital identity experts
● An EU Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP)

Our recent awards

We’re already the leading digital identity solution provider in Europe, and the world is our goal.

  • Celent Model Business logo

    Celent Model Business

    Identity Management Winner. Signicat and Rabobank


  • Financial Times logo

    Financial Times

    FT 1000: Europ's Fastest Growing Companies


  • 21st Banking Tech Award logo

    21st Banking Tech Award

    Best use of Fraud Protection Technology: Signicat and SurePay


  • 20th Banking Tech Award logo

    20th Banking Tech Award

    Best Use of RegTech: Signicat and Rabobank


  • Financial Innovation Award logo

    Financial Innovation Award

    Best FinTech Partnership: Signicat and Rabobank


  • VVCM Innovation Award logo

    VVCM Innovation Award

    Vereniging Voor Credit Management (VVCM) Innovation Award: Signicat and Rabobank


Our customers

More than 6000 companies across Europe – big and small – deliver trusted services with Signciat.

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Want to make a difference?

Signicats are diverse and international, and work with innovative technologies and exciting customers across Europe.

Help us build a trusted digital world.

Industry associations

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    Cloud Signature Consortium

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  • EEMA logo


  • Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetsforum (ISF) logo

    Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetsforum (ISF)

  • Norstella Foundation logo

    Norstella Foundation

  • Swedish Fintech Association logo

    Swedish Fintech Association

The management team

  • Asger Hattel

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Arne Vidar Haug

    Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

  • Aron Kozak

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Bianca Britten-Austin

    Chief People Officer

  • Gisle Aasgaard

    Project Director

  • Gunnar Nordseth

    Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

  • Frode Beckmann Nilsen

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Joakim Harging

    Chief Enterprise Nordics

  • Michael Haldbo

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Roger Klausen

    Chief Product Officer

  • Stein-Olav Davidsen

    Chief of SMB & Online Channels

Our impact on society

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    691 tonnes paper waste eliminated

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    261 million trusted logins

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    140 thousand AML transactions secured

  •  logo

    31 thousand trees saved

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    105 million litres of water saved