Safe, efficient and simple solutions for electronic identification and signing, viewing and storing signed documents.

Signicat is the most popular solution for national electronic IDs (eIDs) in Europe, with access to the largest market of electronic identified consumers. Everything is accessible through a single point of integration, regardless of the number of eIDs used. The solutions are easily integrated with any website, and using them is fast and simple. 

Signicat ID

Our eID solutions can be integrated on any website and in any application, and they are quick to install and easy to use. Why choose Signicat ID ›

Signicat Sign IT

Electronic signature that can be used in all situations where a handwritten signature is called for. Why choose Signicat Sign IT ›
Validate view electronic digital signature Signicat Viewer

Signicat Viewer

Displays and verifies signed documents in an efficient and practical way for you and your customers. Why choose Signicat Viewer ›
Store protect electronic digital signature Signicat Archive

Signicat Archive

A web-based archive with unlimited capacity, where you can store your documents for as long as you want. Why choose Signicat Archive ›
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